Reasons Why You Need To Consider Using Waterproof Flooring In Your House

Not many people consider opting for waterproof flooring, mainly because not many people know that they can choose waterproof flooring that is presentable and imitates wooden or marble flooring. The first question is what is waterproof flooring, and how is it different from water-resistant flooring? Although both materials refer to flooring that repels water and prevents water damage, waterproof flooring is more permanent and resultantly more expensive than water-resistant flooring. If you’re someone that’s renovating their house or building a new one and the longevity of your new home is of prime importance to you, waterproof flooring can go a long way in ensuring that you won’t have to spend a dime on floor-related repairs for decades. So if you are looking for waterproof flooring for areas in your house that come into regular contact with water, like the bathroom or the kitchen, then it is recommended that you opt for waterproof flooring. If you need more convincing, this article will do just the job of convincing you to switch to waterproof flooring.

Long-Lasting Floors

Waterproof flooring in places where there is a presence of moisture, like basements and kitchens or even your summer beach houses, can ensure that your floors last longer as waterproof flooring prevents moisture from seeping below into the subfloor and ruining it. Even if, for some reason, the subfloor is water damaged, waterproof flooring is easy to remove and reinstall, so you can essentially repair the damage to your subfloor and use the same waterproof flooring again. Waterproof flooring may have a higher cost initially, but it is totally worth the investment. Here’s why, compared to regular or water-resistant flooring, waterproof flooring is more durable and hence will last you longer than the other two options, which means you won’t have to replace it as often. This saves you money in the long run.

Convenient and Clean

If you have pets and/or small children in your house, then waterproof flooring is just the thing for you. It is conveniently easy to clean up, especially when compared to traditional carpets (that require professional services for cleaning) and wooden floors (that may swell if they come into contact with water). Adapted to withstand tough stains and spills, waterproof flooring gives you a quick and convenient cleanup and peace of mind. Waterproof flooring repels stains, and a quick wipe with a towel or mop can leave your floors as spotless as they were the day they were installed. You can also easily sweep the floors and enjoy a dust and stain-free experience.

Plenty of Variety

When you think of waterproof flooring, your mind doesn’t naturally go towards carpeting, or wooden floors, does it? However, it will boggle your mind to read that there are countless options to choose from, including waterproof carpeting from companies like Stainmaster and elegant flooring that imitates real wooden floors. If you go here, you will explore more options for waterproof flooring and installation. You can choose from vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets or planks, or even carpeting. There are even waterproof options in hardwood now!

May Increase Your Property’s Value

One advantage of waterproofing that many people fail to consider is the effect that installing waterproof flooring can have on the resale value of your property. Because it is considered as an investment, the flooring reflects in the resale price of your house. The waterproof flooring in your bathroom and kitchen may attract potential buyers, especially families with children and pets because of its convenience and long-lasting quality. 

Prevents Moisture From Building Up

One great advantage of having waterproof flooring in your bathrooms, kitchens and/or basements is that it prevents moisture from accumulating and causing mold and fungus to grow. It is no secret that mold or fungus is a nuisance, especially in areas of the house that stay damn often. In order to reduce the chances of such things growing and contaminating your house, one precaution you can take is to use waterproof flooring that does not allow moisture buildup. Installing waterproof flooring can also make your house look more aesthetically appealing in case of leaking pipes or water damage, especially in properties like cabins and beach houses that have to brunt all types of weather conditions.

Although it is not advised to use waterproof flooring outside the house as it does not work against sun damage or other weather conditions, inside the house, waterproof flooring is quickly becoming a popular feature in newly built properties. The new technological innovations in this product mean that you are not limited to a few options and don’t have to choose between convenience and style.

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