7 Great Upgrades That Can Make Your Apartment Complex Stand Out

When people own a set of apartments they have the opportunity to make good money. In order to achieve this, they need to make them look as presentable as possible. First impressions are important, both inside and out. What property owners need are tenants who will stay for a long time, rather than having a high turnover. 

For this reason, any landlord who cuts corners in order to save money could be shooting themself in the foot. Residents may come and go much faster, and empty apartments will provide no income. The good news is that there are many things a landlord can do to attract quality tenants who will stay longer. Not all the options are expensive, either. Let’s take a brief look at seven of these right now. 

1. A Play Area

If you are renting out apartments with several bedrooms, you may be seeking to attract families. When they come for viewings, it’s important that everyone is impressed, including the children. 

In 2018 it was said that Australia had 4.7 million children under the age of 14. Such statistics cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing your apartments. A visit to www.moduplay.com.au shows that many property owners are researching play area projects and requesting catalogs. They want to receive free newsletters, view blogs and research play area products. Before they proceed, many landlords want assurance that the materials have warranties and are safety compliant. 

2. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

An apartment complex won’t be attractive if it has a mishmash of different colors and styles. There would be the feeling that some apartments were nicer than others. What works best is to view the entire complex as a brand or product that is consistent throughout. 

If you have the outside of the buildings painted, it can bring a fresh lease of life to a place that previously looked dull and tired. Do the same inside each apartment as the opportunity arises. The more coats you use indoors, the more ‘bash-proof’ the areas will be. 

3. New Windows

They can enhance the appearance of the properties both inside and out. Added to that, it’s a great way to replace broken or perished seals around the edges. In turn, this will make the apartments more energy-efficient, and bring down heating bills. 

If there are currently rotting wooden window panes with paint peeling off, replace them with UPVC versions. Be sure to cover the safety aspects should they be required as emergency exits. 

4. Landscaping

If there are communal areas surrounding the apartments, they can provide a great opportunity for property enhancement. Let a landscape gardener revamp the area and design it in a way that maximizes its potential. 

If the area looks nice and is maintained well, the residents will enjoy being outside and feel invested in it. 

5. Plants

Besides maximizing the soil and land surrounding the apartments, landscape gardeners can choose the most suitable plants. They can once again bring consistency, branding and color. They can be chosen according to the type of soil present in this area, and the amounts of sunlight they would receive. 

Empty spaces can become full of natural life with a minimal financial outlay. Evergreen plants can provide consistent color, and flowering plants can welcome the different seasons. 

6. A Sprinkler System

Once the area surrounding the apartments has been improved, there will be ways to reduce the maintenance costs. If you install a sprinkler system this will reduce the need for gardeners or residents to maintain the land areas.

If the grass remains rich and green and the tenants regularly see the sprinkler in operation, they will feel you are continually caring for their residential needs. 

7. Wooden Flooring

There is no denying that carpets are gentle on the feet and make a place feel more homely. They can also provide color to any apartment. On the downside, they can become worn, dull and stained. Over time they will smell and ultimately they will need replacing. 

Wooden flooring will cost you more but it won’t retain odors or have problems with spills. If you allow pets it will be more resistant than carpeting. Laminate flooring provides a cheap alternative. It can look just like wood and if you need to repair it you can just address one section. 

Whilst you would be making a financial investment by implementing any of the above suggestions, they could help you gain and retain good tenants. The property values may be increased as a result, and you may even be able to charge higher rents.

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