6 Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Workplace Accident

No work is easy and completely stress-free. However, there are those people who perceive a bad day at work when they argue with their colleagues or boss or when they do not execute some tasks properly.

And although these things can truly be nerve-wracking, there are much more serious problems, such as when you experience an accident at work which can lead to some very painful injuries. Sadly, there are some people who fail to report this and simply go back to work.

And that’s not something that’s supposed to be done. Along with this mistake, there are plenty more that should be avoided. If you would like to get yourself familiar with them, then stay tuned because I’m about to cover them.

Not Reporting The Injury

I know that I mentioned this above, but it doesn’t hurt to discuss it a bit more. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to this is not reporting the accident as soon as it occurs. Then how do you expect to potentially receive any compensation?

There are some states that require employees to immediately report their injury or at least within one month of the accident. If by any chance, you miss this deadline, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll receive any compensation.

So how does this whole process work? Namely, once you report it to your employer or manager, they will be obligated to file an injury report with the insurance company. At least that’s how things are supposed to be done.

But keep in mind that just because it’s their duty to do so, it doesn’t mean that they will actually do this. Therefore, it’s always recommendable to double-check to see if they’ve really submitted the necessary documents.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for copies of all relevant documents so you can have a paper trail for your own records.

You Must Have An Attorney!

Here’s another mistake that is unfortunately very common in these types of situations. Bear in mind that if you do not hire a personal injury lawyer then you won’t have someone who is knowledgeable by your side and who is going to tell you exactly what you’re supposed to do next. You cannot do this alone!

Remember that an experienced advocate is going to ensure that you’ve gathered all the necessary evidence to support your claims before the trial. Additionally, this legal expert is here to remind you what you are allowed to say and what you aren’t so you do not make any mistakes that can potentially jeopardize your case. 

Fortunately, nowadays, you can run into a plethora of excellent and seasoned solicitors that can help you get the compensation you deserve.

You Must Seek Medical Help!

Keep in mind that your well-being must always be prioritized, hence as soon as you are injured, please be sure to seek medical help as soon as you can. A healthcare provider is the one who is going to determine if you should go to the ER, along with the severity of your injuries.

If you fail to do so, you will most certainly negatively impact your injury claim and will drastically decrease the chances of receiving any disability benefits. Another thing that I would like to add, that’s of huge importance is to be very honest about your health in general when talking to the doctor.

What do I mean by that? It means that you should mention any health-related problems that you’ve had in the past and the ones that were caused by this incident. Please, keep in mind that you must be one hundred percent honest with the physician. 

If by any chance you lie on the medical report, it’s highly likely you won’t receive any compensation at all.

Not Returning To Work After Recovery

When you are injured, you have every right to take a leave of absence until you’re better, however, if your employer has a job for you that’s not in any way demanding, then you are obligated to take it.

If you refuse to do so, this can lead to termination, plus, you won’t receive any benefits. Thereby, it would be wise to talk to your employer about your injuries and overall well-being just so he/she can what needs to be done next.

Not Collecting Enough Evidence

I know that right now you must be feeling overwhelmed and you possibly in a lot of pain, however, I would still like to remind you that you must concentrate on certain things if you want to get the compensation you deserve.

If you want your case to be successful, then you must gather as much evidence as you can, even if it means thinking about every single detail of the incident. If you leave something out, it may potentially negatively influence your case. 

Consequently, I would advise you to document as much evidence as possible so you can convince the judge how serious your current situation is.

Say Goodbye To Social Media

I do not mean this to be permanent, but for a while, at least until you see how everything will work out when it comes to your case. I know that these days, a vast majority of people need to post something on their social media profiles so they can “update” others or simply connect with people they haven’t seen or heard in forever.

And that’s generally completely okay, however, in these instances, you must be extra careful about the things that you’ll be posting online. Even if you think that you are sharing something that has nothing to do with your case, think twice.

Bear in mind that even pictures and videos that appear to be benign at first glance, may later be used against you. For example, if you post a photo where you look happy and healthy, the insurance adjuster may later utilize it to prove that you are actually doing just fine.

When a person is injured at work, he or she normally doesn’t know exactly what needs to be done next. And that’s precisely why I decided to write this article. I wanted to give you some guidelines that will help you get the best outcome.

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