Why You Need a Lone Worker Safety App in Your Business

Technology has changed the lives of people. In modern society, there’s a significant rise in people working remotely. This condition has become more prevalent during the Coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, it allows both employers and employees to have a more flexible job market and make lone working more comfortable and much safer to execute. This saves workers from a long and tiring commute. However, the majority of  employers do not provide safety measures to their remote staff. Most of these staff are contractors and freelancers.

Governments have established strict laws on employee safety. Employers are obligated to follow as huge penalties will be imposed if there is a breach in any provisions. The challenge is keeping the lone employees protected while in isolation. Luckily, lone worker apps and devices have been developed to ensure the protection of employees from any work-related risks and hazards. Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK were among the first countries that implemented lone worker legislation. 

How important and useful is the app in the business?

Prevents Risk and Danger

Employee safety is the ultimate concern of the employer. When working remotely it is important to be certain that the staff is free from any risk, threat, and danger. One of the most useful features of this app is the ability to call for help in any horrible situation. There are various types of lone workers and most of them are prone to risks. They are the following:

  •   Delivery drivers
  •   Education workers
  •   Security personnel
  •   Technicians
  •   Health workers
  •   Agricultural and forestry workers
  •   Emergency and Health workers
  •  Social workers and family services
  •   Construction and warehouse workers
  •  Home Healthcare nurses
  • Transportation workers
  •   Fuel station attendants
  •   And many more

Potential risks and hazards can be both social and environmental. Social risks include physical and sexual assault, robbery, violence in the workplace, and any other undefined attacks and incidents. While environmental hazards involve trips and falls, heavy equipment accidents, vehicular accidents, and other environmental risks like heat stroke and hypothermia.

This is not just a simple app that protects people. It is also a life-saving app. 


If you are running a small business and the protection of the employees can mean extra expenditure, this is the solution to the problem. The professionals behind Sheqsy say that the prevalence of smartphones makes it easier to and more economical, as there are apps that do not have an upfront cost. Among the long list of lone worker apps, you can choose your top five that offer the most needed features for your employees.

Easy to Use

Since everyone is using smartphones, it is easier to use the app. Getting yourself familiar with it is effortless. Some navigation boards may look complicated, but once you get acquainted, you’ll experience the convenience of utilizing the app. So, if any problem arises, the lone worker won’t struggle in asking for help or support.

Tracking Solution

This feature does not only monitor the location of the employee but also checks the safety while at work. The lone worker tracking solution can notify the employer of any untoward incidents, thereby avoiding harm and preventing escalation. Some apps have generated alerts or timers in case of overstaying in an activity, missed check-in, or activate the duress alarm. It can also balance safety and privacy as there is an enable and disable function included in the feature.

Builds Lone Worker Confidence

When an employee works remotely and safety is in question, this can cause stress. The lone worker app builds the confidence of the employees. It makes them think that they are not alone and help is within their reach. This gives them peace of mind and increases productivity. They are motivated to get the job done. As a result, you get to see a good result done efficiently, leading to a better overall performance down the road.

Audible Alarm

One of the most important features of this app is an audible alarm which can frighten the aggressor if a lone worker is attacked. The worker can send a message to the assailant causing the further incident to stop. In this way, the person can feel at peace while working, which will then lead to a better work performance and result.

One of the challenges that lone workers confront is safety. But technology has an answer to their fears and apprehensions. The lone worker safety app is a breakthrough that does not only protect the workers but also allows them to be more productive and deliver services efficiently. Organizations and businesses should invest in this app to prevent their employees from any threat and danger. 

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