Want to Improve Your HR Marketing Strategy? Here’s How

There’s no need to spell out the importance of attracting the best possible talent for their organizations. One available option is to have existing employees doing their fair share of HR marketing work. They can promote your firm’s brand message and thus help in the new employee recruitment process. There are plenty of HR departments of businesses doing Ok, but that’s no excuse for not being a top-performing HR department.

To achieve the latter, you need not go for the services of a marketer who would promote your HR team. All you need to do is adapt to sound HR marketing strategies to promote your brand and amplify its brand message. If you use the right type of marketing strategy, you stand to benefit from the following ways:

  • Attract the best talent
  • Enhance the morale of employees
  • Facilitate making your current employee into strong brand advocates.

Today, this article will present some excellent HR marketing strategies that will help you improve your efforts.

Use Your Creative Juices and “Sell” Open Positions

Make sure that your recruitment ad copy reflects your brand voice and is fun. The tremendous amount of positive impact it can have is truly amazing. You need to state the who, what, when, where, and why of your job in the copy. But, it only helps add a bit of linguistic flair to give them a better idea of how much fun it is to work at your company. Put on the hat of a marketing services firm and try to sell open positions. Feel free to use a variety of media to tell me what you offer. Such media might include text, videos, or even podcasts. Embedding videos in recruitment emails or using gamification will boost conversion rates by as much as 40% as per studies.

Create a Brand Voice and Ensure It Remains Consistent

If there is one thing all people, especially HR managers, can learn from marketers, keep their marketing messages consistent. It is beneficial for HRs while carrying out a range of relevant activities. It translates to consistent job descriptions and statements about employee benefits across all platforms. Further emails sent amongst the internal team should be in line with website messaging and social media platform pages. You can achieve this consistency by first figuring out your company culture’s specifics and determining how it will be conveyed. However, things are not nearly as simple. You need to modify your message according to the audience while keeping the brand voice clear and consistent.

Consolidate All Employee Benefits in a Single Hub

For better performance, marketers use separate campaigns for all types of marketing initiatives. This lets them track the results they get and modify campaigns for better performance in specific metrics. But all this data is present in one easy to scan dashboard that combines the best of the worlds of CMS and CRM software. HR managers and directors will find such a similar tool to be immensely helpful in their day-to-day tasks. There are several benefits that HR professionals can get from a central dashboard with recruitment campaigns, communications, employee benefits details all in one place. HR managers can track things better, and employees stand to benefit by being more aware of the available services and how to use them. Several such platforms have been introduced of late.

Explore, Experiment, Excite

One of the best strategies you can take from a marketer’s rule book is to make your recruitment and HR messages engaging. If you succeed in enticing the intended audience, it will garner far higher levels of attention. Additionally, share and promote your HR-related messages on a wide variety of platforms and not just LinkedIn. Explore various channels where you might find your intended audience. Experiment with the form and medium of your HR messages, and lastly, make the messaging truly exciting.

Though at first, it might sound surprising, it is a fact that HR decision-makers stand to gain considerably by putting on a marketer’s thinking cap. Try to see communication messages from the point of view of the relevant prospects. Keep in mind that highlighting the particular benefits of specific positions or programs is indeed helpful. Feel free to get creative with your HR marketing tactics. Get creative and try out things and methods in channels you have not thought about earlier. Unite with your marketing team in enhancing the business’s purposes, and don’t be hesitant to copy a tactic or two. Here’s to the happy flourish of your company and its human capital!

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