Reasons why you should use Shopify Plus

Online merchants have many issues beyond revenue and client acquisition to take into account when trying to select an eCommerce platform. The main eCommerce challenges to be addressed include engagement, customer retention, omnichannel integration, SEO, conversion optimization, security, fees, growth and scalability, and more.

With over 120 eCommerce platforms to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right solution to meet your business model and goals. For companies that are growing or need to migrate to a bigger platform, this article will explain why Shopify Plus should be your new home.

Why You Should Move From Shopify To Shopify Plus

Essentially, the Shopify Plus plan includes everything in the Shopify plan, plus more. Rather than focusing on the similarities, this article will demonstrate the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus by highlighting the new features Shopify Plus has to offer. Shopify has risen to the challenge of entrepreneurs who are interested in attaining success in eCommerce. The company offers Shopify Plus for enterprise users, which is a step up from Shopify. The fee for Shopify Plus is worth it, for the immense value it gives its users.

Here are 5 features that are included with Shopify Plus:

Launch Engineer For Dedicated Account Management

Shopify provides email, telephone, and live chat support. If you experience difficulties, you may also consider contacting Shopify Experts.

In comparison, Shopify Plus offers high-quality, personalized customer service. It will assign a Launch Engineer to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly during the setup and migration process. And if you need assistance with integrations with third parties or looking for partners to assist with projects specifically designed for your business, the Launch Engineer is there to assist.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Another feature that you should consider when comparing Shopify vs Shopify Plus is the addition of staff accounts. The standard Shopify plan permits the creation of only a small number of limited staff accounts.

Conversely, the Shopify Plus feature allows you to add an unlimited number of staff members and enables additional permissions.

You will be able to configure your online store to allow any number of team members access. Besides, you will also be able to control staff actions more smoothly through your store admin.

Access To More Personalized Theme Customization With Liquid

Shopify’s standard plans allow the user to customize the Shopify theme using an editor, although it is difficult to switch to a different theme.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, offers a high degree of customization, as it allows for the use of Shopify’s theme language, Liquid. Liquid as a component in your toolbox will allow you to make changes directly at the code level for more control.

More API Integrations

The APIs (Application Programming Interface) are what make integrations with third-party apps possible on any website.

Shopify Plus has enhanced API resources for use with third-party apps, including GiftCard, User, and Multipass.

In case you’re wondering, GiftCard is a form of alternative payment. Multipass login diverts website visitors to Shopify with a seamless redirect (without separate login credentials and without synchronizing any customer databases). User enables you to add, delete, edit, search, and view staff information.

Additionally, Shopify Plus lets you build your custom app or integrate with third-party apps.

Exclusive Apps

Shopify Plus users also have exclusive access to selected Shopify apps not available to the general Shopify users. Examples of such apps include:

  • Wholesale channel to provide support for high volumes of B2B sales.
  • Shopify Flow enables eCommerce automation. Using its visual builder tool, it automates many customer-facing processes as well as business-to-business processes in your store and across your apps. It stores and executes trigger, condition, and action logic that you specify to do various tasks. A few examples include tagging loyal customers and sending reorder requests. All of this can be accomplished without any programming on your part.
  • Launchpad is designed for planning and automating sales campaigns, product launches, and other events. Once the event has ended, all the modifications can be undone immediately.
  • Script Editor allows you to customize your online shopping cart or checkout experience. Simple pieces of code help to create customized shipping and payment options for your customers. This helps decrease cart abandonment.
  • Transporter app imports customer records, product records, and orders into your Shopify store. This simplifies the process of sending customer records between stores.
  • Bulk Account Inviter helps import your customers from another platform or store to your online store and invite them to create an account. Using this app, you can import customer records from another platform or store.

With these features and more, it’s apparent Shopify is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs seeking success in eCommerce. The company’s Shopify Plus represents a next-level offering for businesses. To build your business into a large enterprise, you need to focus on your search engine optimization efforts. To gain these amazing results, Shopify Plus might be what you need to open right now.

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