Qualities to Look for in a Webinar Platform

A webinar is a virtual seminar held over the web and is a great place to learn things about a field. Webinars are becoming increasingly popular due to their benefits and progress in technology.

Deciding to create a webinar is a serious decision and can go well or badly. One of the main determinants of the success of a webinar is the platform you use to create it.

There are hundreds of webinar platforms online, but some are clearly better than others. The successful ones are so because of the qualities they have.

The following are the qualities you should look for in a webinar platform:

Ease of Use

The first quality you should look for in a webinar platform is ease of use. The platform should help you create a webinar that both you and the attendees find very easy to navigate.

As opposed to a physical seminar where you only have to show up, a webinar requires knowledge to access and attend. The ease of use of the webinar will determine if people come to the webinar and stay on.

Ease of use includes many facets, including the ease of navigating the webinar, ease of communication, and how much you have to do to access the webinar’s features. It will also include how responsive the webinar is and if you can access it from a range of devices.


Every webinar needs to meet certain standards to measure whether it was a success or a failure. A good webinar platform should give you the best chance for a compliant delivery.

One way in which the platform should be compliant is to enable you to track engagement with attendees. It should also allow attendees to access whatever features and files they may need within the webinar.

Polling capabilities are a great example of a compliant webinar platform. Another is an area where the attendees can share and exchange documents in the webinar.  


You use a webinar platform to design your webinar, which includes dozens of elements. A good webinar platform should allow you as much ability to customize the webinar as possible.

Almost all webinar reviews will include the design of the platform. You can check the review on ecosecretariat.org/webinarjam-review/, and you will see the importance of design in a webinar. The better the design, the more likely it is to be successful.

The creator of the webinar knows what goals they would like the webinar to achieve. Customization ability will also help you create a strong brand identity via the webinar. 


Security is paramount when hosting a webinar, so one of the most important qualities to look for will be a platform with security. Data breaches can not only disrupt your webinar, they may cause it not to happen at all. Hackers are always coming up with ways to breach various security designs. A webinar is a great place to acquire a lot of data from webinar attendees. It is also a great place to try a security breach.

The webinar platform should offer security for all the information shared with you and among the webinar attendees. However, you will have to pay a greater price for greater security.

Recording Capabilities

A webinar is an event that only happens once even though it may happen over the course of several days. Therefore, it is a great idea to record the webinar. One of the most crucial features to look for in a webinar platform is recording capabilities. You will find a lot of future use for the footage; I can promise you.

Another reason why you need the recording capability on a webinar platform is for those who did not attend the webinar. Though they may have been absent, they can still learn from the webinar via the recording of the event.


Of course, you will have to pay the price to use a platform to design your webinar. However, no platform is worth spending too much on. You should have a budget before you go searching for possible webinar platforms. Stick to the budget, and you should have a successful webinar.

Platforms with the most features will most likely cost more than those at the bottom of the line. On the other hand, the most expensive platform is no guarantee of a variety of features.

Affordability is a quality you should look for in a webinar platform and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Creating a webinar is a daunting task, and it helps to use the right platform. If you look for the qualities above, you should find a great webinar platform.

Be sure to choose one that best suits the goals of the webinar.

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