Office Design Ideas to Improve Productivity

Like it or not, the reality is that we spend an enormous amount of time at work, and this time can be productive or not so productive based on our environment. As a business owner, it is important to realize that the design of your office and the amenities which you provide your employees has a direct link to their efficiency and productivity. Office trends are always changing as companies look for the best way to get everything possible out of their space and the talents and hard work of their employees. When it comes to office design, there is no right or wrong way because the needs of different companies are unique. 

In order to maximize the potential of your workspace and create a happy and efficient office, here are some top design ideas to improve productivity.

1. Plan the Layout Carefully

The first major decision that you need to make when designing your office to increase productivity is to think about how to lay out the furniture. The experts at explain that this is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. The most productive offices are not designed by chance; first identify the day-to-day tasks which your employees do. If these are group based tasks then you need to arrange your office in a way that allows your employees to face each other and brainstorm as a team. If you are a more traditional type of business like an accounting firm or a legal office, you may want to consider a classic desk and chair setup with lots of space for each individual member of the team to work.

2. Use Natural Light

Natural light is absolutely crucial for creating a productive office environment. Many businesses install hospital style strip lighting into their workspaces but this is so bad for employees’ eyesight and cause headaches and even serious migraines. The human body needs natural light and the vitamin D that comes from sunlight is vital for replenishing energy and fostering a positive mood in your team. Make sure that your office windows don’t have any obstacles like big filing cabinets or desks blocking the light. Avoid putting up any obstructive window fittings and instead choose simple roller blinds so that you can maximize the natural light in your space.

3. Employ Good Ventilation

Whilst we may have forgotten it because we spend so much time indoors in our homes and offices, our bodies actually evolved to be outside. This is why we function so much better with natural light and also why we need fresh air to be at our best. Because of this, getting enough ventilation into your office is vital for the energy level and emotional health of your employees. 

Try to open the office windows as much as you can to enable that airflow through the room. If you cannot do this because the temperature outside does not allow for it, try to come to work an hour before your staff to air the office out before they arrive. If your office is high up, you can even leave the windows open at night so that in the morning the whole place is well ventilated. Do not try this if your office is on the ground floor because this will enable burglars to come in and steal your computers and other equipment.

4. Add Lots of Inside Plants

Inside plants are fantastic and bring so many benefits to our lives whether they are in our home or in our offices. Plants produce oxygen, remove impurities from the air, and just make the whole air in an office so much more pleasant and breathable. In addition, the color injection that plants can bring can really liven up an office space which can often appear very drab and grey. It can be difficult to maintain the health of plants in an office because people often forget to water them so go for very resilient plants which don’t need much looking after. By choosing plants which flower throughout the year, your employees will always have something pretty to look at which will help them to stay positive which will in turn improve their productivity.

Improving your company’s productivity through office design takes careful planning and execution. Using the right lighting and ventilation is vital for creating a pleasant environment for your workers and providing them with comfortable furniture will help them to stay focused. IT is always important to stay flexible and be ready to change anything that isn’t working. Try out these simple tips and start transforming your office today.

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