Innovative Ways Your HR Team Can Effectively Evaluate and Assess Employees

Employee evaluations are the pinnacle in a company’s growth. Many would agree that without holding employees accountable for proper execution of responsibilities and their overall effectiveness, an organization would not be able to function and remain legitimate. On the other hand, the process of these evaluations leaves a lot of room for bias and misinterpretation. So, it’s important that these evaluations are carried out in such a way that inspires creativity and diligence among workers rather than melancholy or resentment. Here are just a handful of methods that can be used to both boost and assess employee performance. 

Implement a System

There should be a system of evaluation that is clearly spelled out for all employees during the hiring process. This will leave no room for surprises and is the first step in ensuring that there will be no negative feelings towards these evaluations, as employees would be fully aware of them before accepting their position. 

You can put an original system in place that reflects the values and needs of the company, or you could simply visit this site and have one created for you. Whatever evaluation system is chosen, it should outline the necessary work ethic that each employee should possess to fulfill the job description. 

The selected system of evaluation should have some type of regularity to them even if they’re randomized. Post-work feedback plays a crucial part in helping employees comprehend the level of their work so they can make improvements if necessary. All evaluations should be conducive to performance enhancement and a reduction in performance gaps. 

It’s also good if employees are given minimal notice about such evaluations. For example, there might be one assessment per month during an employee’s probation period, but they’ll be notified of the drop-in 24-hours beforehand. This will relieve some of the nervous tension around these evaluations to avoid potential resentment.

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback allows employees to gain insight about their performance in a multifaceted fashion. Workers are assessed by everyone they work with, not just their boss. If this type of system is effectively integrated into a workplace, then it could produce outstanding results. 

360-degree feedback has been known to better reflect job performance by reducing the possibility of bias. Not only that, but by creating a “feedback-rich environment,” employees eventually become comfortable with being rated, thus snuffing out a lot of grievances that might develop towards evaluations. 

Results + Behavior

Most evaluation systems are based solely on results, such as the number of items sold or new clients gained. While results should always be considered in evaluations, they shouldn’t be the only component. The behavior of an employee should factor in as well. 

An employee who has high numbers, but breaks various rules of the contract should not go unchecked. An employee with low numbers, but has never called in sick or been late should be rewarded with high scores in those positive areas. They should also be given helpful feedback for how to increase their numbers. This will create a workplace where employees feel their strengths are appreciated, and weaknesses are given the chance for improvement. 


The most effective evaluations are ones that are inclusive of all employees’ personal opinions rather than just a few at the top. One of the traits of inclusive leaders is a willingness to share personal weakness and admitting to mistakes or performance gaps without hesitation. This allows workers to voice their thoughts and speak freely about ways an organization can be improved. 

A ruler who utilizes evaluations to instill in their employees a fear of being fired will only result in a workforce that is full of resentment and even hatred towards their job and superiors. Obviously, this is not a useful, long term tactic. Through acknowledging the possibility of bias, cultural differences, and by seeking out contrast within the workplace, leaders can create an inclusive atmosphere in which employees will feel accepted and encouraged. 

Constant Improvements

No company or organization stays the same forever. As time goes on, a company’s products and services will slightly change, and the standard to which employees are held should adjust with such developments. This means that the evaluation systems in place should be monitored and continually shifted to remain relevant. New responsibilities might be added, while others are taken away. As aforementioned, an evaluation needs to reflect the values and needs of an organization while also being a conduit of enhanced employee performance. 

By implementing a few of these simple approaches to employee assessment, a business can be fast tracked to greater customer satisfaction and higher revenue. Keep in mind that evaluation systems should take into account any possible bias amongst employees and should measure performance on several levels, not just results.

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