How to Make a Website More Visually Appealing

Designing a great website is so important for businesses and individuals alike. As well as ensuring that your website functions well and provides a smooth user experience, it is also vital that it looks great. These days, anybody can design their own attractive website using all of the different customizable themes and add-ons provided by WordPress and other website programs. From the right color scheme to great headings, getting each element of your website right will really help take it to the next level.

Here is how to make your website more visually appealing.

1. Choose One Bold Color Scheme

As with any design, the most attractive websites do not go overboard when it comes to color as this just creates aesthetic confusion which will reflect badly on the content of your website. Choose one distinct color scheme, which uses no more than 3 or 4 bold colors, and integrate this color scheme throughout your entire site. Deciding on the right color scheme is easy if your brand has colors that are famously associated with it like the red and white of Coca-Cola. If not, think about the message you want to portray and choose the colors which best fit that message.

2. Create Attractive Headings

Website headings are important for various reasons. First of all, the keywords in your headings are crucial for ranking highly on search engine results pages, so it is always advisable to have a professional content writer check your headings. Secondly, your headings catch your visitors’ attention and help them to navigate around your website. Your website headings should be big, bold, and to the point so that a visitor can’t help but notice them. This doesn’t mean you need to use over-the-top 3D fonts or garish colors. Stick with your color scheme and create headings that are larger than the rest of the text and they will help every page on your website look great.

3. Add Interesting Videos

Embedding videos onto your website really helps to take it to a whole other level in terms of its visual appeal. Videos will immediately catch the eye of a visitor to your site and will give them an overall far more interactive experience. There are many stock footage videos available online both for free and to purchase which you can incorporate into your website. You can also produce your own branded video for your business or blog through which to advertise your products, tell a story, or reach out to your audience and customers.

4. Include Relevant Pictures

As with videos, adding pictures to your website just makes it far more interesting for visitors to look at. All websites need pictures whether they are images of a business’s products, photos of team members, or just branded graphics and logos. The important thing with pictures is that each one is used for a specific reason. Too many pictures will make your website look cluttered and poorly designed which will ruin the overall aesthetics of the sites. If you are using images from the Internet, make sure that you have the copyright authority to use them and that you cite the image source or you could get in legal trouble.

5. Select Cool Drop Down Menus

The smoothness of user experience is very important when it comes to designing a website and one aspect which needs to be both smooth and look cool in your dropdown menus. There are various designs of menus that different websites incorporate and which come preset on WordPress themes. Presenting your visitors with interesting dropdown menus will make your website more fun to visit and will encourage them to navigate around your site.

6. Think About the Popups

Popups are crucial for encouraging visitors to subscribe to your website but they are only successful if they look great. Make sure that you incorporate both your color scheme and the overall design style into your popup forms so that they fit your branding and overall visual message. Be sparing with how often the forms pop up because you will just end up annoying your visitors if there are too many and they won’t want to visit your site again, let alone subscribe to it.

An attractive website will keep your visitors engaged and will ensure that they come back again. This is very important if you are looking to increase your number of subscribers, generate revenue through web traffic, or turn visitors into customers. Pay attention to every aspect of the visual design of your site, from the color scheme to the menus. Follow this easy guide and you will be able to take your website to a whole other aesthetic level.

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