How to Implement Text Marketing Into Your Business Model

You might wonder if text marketing is actually a strategy. Well, the truth is more businesses are adopting text marketing to reach more audiences. A successful SMS campaign needs to be correctly structured, thoroughly researched and well-packaged to provide important leads. Text marketing has the advantage of privacy. This means that businesses can design personalized messages that appeal to individual customers.

Here is how you can implement text marketing into your business model.

Select The Right Messaging Platform

Text marketing is a great way for businesses to create a lasting impact on better customer outreach. A good text marketing campaign will enable customers to establish a personal connection between them and your business. A text messaging platform is what most businesses use for maximum outreach.

Text messaging platforms of software eliminate the manual component in sending messages. Imagine having to manually enter numbers, counterchecking, and then sending the messages. When you use advanced messaging platforms or apps, you can quickly and easily build contact lists, schedule messages, automate responses, and customize messages.

When selecting a messaging platform, ensure that it is easy to use. Some apps are too technical and might need users to have advanced coding skills. The platform should also offer two-way communication to allow client feedback and the element of personalization. Also, be on the lookout for an affordable platform that integrates with other apps and services.

Segment Audience

You need to identify your audience, segment it, and optimize your text message for the right recipients. According to expert advice from VoxDirect, broad or blanket text messages might help you get a few clients, but the message will also reach a large audience who are not interested in your products. Audience segmentation will help you to send marketing text messages to specific customers who are more likely to be converted to customers.

When segmenting your audience, think about who they are and what they want. You may segment them according to demographic data, such as nationality, level of income, age, religion, and sex. Behavioral segmentation is based on customer behavior, especially regarding your product. Geographical segmentation takes into account the specific area that your audience lives in. Segmentation according to psychographic data, such as beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles, and values is also necessary.

Define Your Goals

You need to define the objectives you wish to achieve. Text marketing is just like any other marketing strategy. Your desired outcome is going to shape your text marketing campaign. A good strategy is to ensure that you adopt SMART goals; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Through your goals, you can get specific KPIs that will help you succeed.

Some common marketing goals include building brand awareness, launching new products or services, increasing sales, improving stakeholder relations, and growing market share. Ensure that you are clear with your goals and that they are aligned with the overall business objectives.

Design The Message

It is important to understand that you might not be the only player in the industry. Your target audience is most likely part of consumers who are bombarded with marketing messages every day. The message in your text marketing campaign is competing with others for your target audience’s attention.

Design a powerful message that is simple, yet memorable, and catchy. A good text marketing message should engage the customers and lead them to achieve your marketing goals. The audience should feel the message speaking to them directly. Use keywords and phrases that evoke emotion and create excitement. Add a call to action in your message to invite your customers to help you keep up with KPIs.

Grow Your List

The size of your list will determine the success of your campaign. How big or small is your list? Do you have potential clients on your list? A small list will mean that your message reaches a smaller audience, which may impact your goals. The best way to start is by using your existing list. You can then use different strategies to keep the list expanding.

Creating an opt-in online campaign can be a good starting point to grow your list. You can also create a free online resource that can be unlocked when users input their phone numbers. Using keywords and creating contests can also help you grow your lists.

Before you engage your lists, ensure that you get the necessary regulatory permission. Respect time by sending text messages within business hours. You can also design an opt-out feature for users.

Marketers can achieve more success by adding text messaging in their campaigns. Using the above strategies, marketing professionals can greatly boost ROI and achieve their goals which can earn businesses more revenue.

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