How to Ensure Your Security Professionals are Fully Equipped

We live in an age where security is needed more than ever before. Mass discord and rioting are commonplace in cities around the world; the reason for these riots is wholly irrelevant when we consider the fact that people’s lives and businesses are being torn apart by rioters. Security, however, can serve as a countermeasure to this civil unrest and can deter protesters from coming anywhere near your business or your home. Security professionals must, if that is your intention, be fully equipped so that they can defend themselves and your business.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can ensure that your security professionals are fully equipped so that moving forward they will be not only safe but ready to do their job and look after your business, and more importantly, your livelihood.

Here is how to ensure your security professionals are fully equipped.

Firearms and Firearm Training

You cannot just give your staff a firearm and then tell them to go to work without adequate training. Firearms are incredibly controversial in the United States at the moment, though with everything going on, it is fair to say that they are necessary for business owners and security guards alike. The firearm specialists from, on the subject of large caliber handguns, say that taking precautions, such as training, can help your staff to better manage their firearms and ensure no harm comes their way. Firearms are an absolute must for most security guards these days.

Whether you a new or used firearm is the next question. You can find significant savings in purchasing second-hand firearms from used gun websites – you just need to weigh up any maintenance required and not receiving a warranty like you would on a new purchase.


The nature of security work is that your staff will probably be working long nights. Because of this, they will need to be equipped with flashlights. Flashlights will ensure that when they are working, that they can see where they are going if outside of your building. They may also need the flashlight if they are in the building and the lights are turned off, which they may be if it is after hours. Flashlights are a very important part of your security guard’s equipment, so do not overlook or neglect to give them their own!


A baton, which is generally the secondary weapon (second to their firearm), should always be carried by a security guard. The reason for this is quite simple, they may not always need to use lethal force, and may instead need a non-lethal self-defense alternative. Giving your security guard a baton is very important and will ensure that they are able to do their job and keep your place of work safe. Just like with your staff’s firearms, you should train them to use their batons too. If your staff does not know how to use their batons properly, then they can hurt themselves.


A good pair of boots can be the difference between your staff suffering or your staff being comfortable for their entire shift. Boots are a very important (and standard) part of a security guard’s uniform. You should not try to cut corners or save money when it comes to your security boots – get the best that you can and ensure that they will keep them comfortable and happy. They are the frontline against your business being wrecked or damaged, so because of that, you should ensure that they are comfortable and happy.

Cell Phone

Most security guards carry walkie-talkies as standard – but you should also give them a cell phone. Your security team carrying cell phones will ensure that if any emergencies occur and if anybody is out of reach on the walkie-talkie that they will be able to contact the emergency services and potentially save their own lives or somebody else’s. A cell phone in our modern age is absolutely fundamental. A cell phone could potentially mean the difference between life and death for your security team, so please do not overlook them. Cell phones do not have to be expensive but will prove incredibly useful.

Heated Vests

Heated vests are, in our opinion, crucially important. If you require your security guard to walk around a cold, empty building all night, then you should provide them with something to keep themselves warm. Nobody wants to be freezing cold and you especially do not want your security guard to be so cold that he cannot do his job properly. Heated vests do not cost much money and are a great way for you to keep your staff content, warm, and fulfilled, as well as to help them to do their job more effectively and to concentrate.

Security guards are a very important part of any business – theft is at an all-time high and so too is rioting and public disorder. We hope that this page will help you to know how to treat your security guards and what equipment to give them. Thank you for reading.

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