How to Effectively Improve Air Quality Inside Any Office Space

Air quality is a fat concern in today’s office spaces. While you may not always come across smoke or awful smells in the office, this does not make your space trouble-free. Simple things like the perfumes we wear and the air fresheners we use can have a huge impact on office air quality. This is not to mention dust, mold spores, pollen, and other pollutants from external origins.

Well, we can’t run away from one fact: ­– the air you breathe affects your health, which in turn reflects in your work performance. If workers are coughing or complaining of headaches in the work area, then there is a need for alarm. At times, a foul odor could also be in the picture. The good news is that all the health issues and productivity concerns surrounding poor air quality can be addressed and rectified for a healthier office space. In this piece, we shall look at a few pointers on how to improve air quality inside any office space.

1. Replace Air Filters Frequently

When was the last time the HVAC air filters in your office were cleaned or changed? Most people do not have the answer to this, but the quality of the air you breathe is instrumental in your health and productivity. This is why HVAC systems in your office should be cleaned regularly. It helps to ensure they are not clogged or dusty because, in this state, dusty air is circulated in the workspace, thus affecting people’s health. 

Also, when the filters are blocked, it reduces air being circulated into the working space. To boost your office air quality, air filters should be replaced after every 6-12 months at the very least.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

The area around the air vents should be clear. Do not block them with boxes or furniture. This ensures there is proper air circulation to keep the environment healthy. If some of the office activities produce potentially toxic fumes or smoke, one thing is for sure. It is best to invest in a system that gets it outside or keeps it contained to avoid polluting the entire room. As highlighted by the folks at TopAir Systems, your options could include getting a fume cupboard, fume hood, safety cabinet, or related clean air solutions. There is a wide range of options on the market to choose from, based on your specific needs and safety concerns.

Another way of doing this is by allowing fresh air into the building. Try this by opening windows and doors just to let in the natural air. However, this should be done if the current weather is ideal. Having them open ensures that air, sunlight, and temperatures in the office are at personal-friendly levels. Another advantage of opening windows is that it flushes out a significant amount of contaminated air. This is the simplest way of ensuring clean air is in circulation.

3. Have Plants in the Office

By this, you will be killing two birds with one stone. First, plants bring out an aesthetically pleasing look in the office. Secondly, the plants absorb toxins from the air, thus purifying it. Some common indoor air purification plants include the following:

  • Dracaena
  • Snake plant
  • Pothos
  • Rubber plant
  • Ficus
  • Garden mum
  • Spider plant

However, placing the plants around is not enough. You have to clean the leaves to get rid of accumulating debris. Also, remember to water them and check for molds around the plants. Nonetheless, you can beautify your office and ensure cleaner air all in one move.

4. Ensure Your Office Is Clean

This is to avoid the accumulation of mold and dust levels. Vacuuming your office regularly takes care of dust and other allergens. While cleaning, window curtains should not be overlooked. Cleaning any spillages also helps in keeping office air clean. Wet grounds support the growth of mold, which poses an adverse health risk to the workers. When looking at the cleanliness, ensure that garbage is disposed of, especially if they contain disposed food. This is because they attract insects and also have a bad smell that can affect air quality.

5. Use Air-Cleaners

There are various products like air scrubbers, purifiers, and dehumidifiers available in the market. Air purifiers help to trap air contaminants hence better air in circulation. Air scrubbers kill harmful pathogens in the air. Besides, they have ionized oxidizers that help trap odors, smoke, dust mites, mold, and many others. 

Dehumidifiers and air conditioners help maintain the humidity level. When the humidity is not controlled, it leads to mold and dust mites. For this reason, humidity levels should be between 30 and 50 percent. Investing in the right air cleaners will improve air quality in circulation.

6. Conduct Air Quality Testing

Perhaps your efforts towards air quality improvement are not working, and people are continuously sick in the office. Do not give up yet because you can always consult experts to handle your issue. Having specialists conduct an air quality test can help put the employees’ minds at ease. The test is for measuring; airflow, mold growth, ventilation, and all other related aspects. The test results can be used to determine which air pollutant requires more attention.

Conclusively, maintaining good indoor air quality is a responsibility for everyone who owns or works in an office. Basic measures like avoiding clutter at your desk and maintaining sanitization play a big part. Good air quality improves your health as well as your work performance. The above tips can help you improve it!

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