Hiring Questions: Why do you wish to work for JB Hi-Fi?

Are you looking to apply for a role at Australia’s largest music and electronic retailer JB Hi-Fi? With all applications at JB Hi-Fi there is a questionnaire component which the employer uses to get a better understanding of its applicants. The most common question and difficult to answer is what is usually the first question of the application process – “why do you wish to work for JB Hi-Fi?”. In this guide we will help you better understand the logic behind JB Hi-Fi asking its job applicants this question, how you can improve your odds of being employed by the retailer by answer specific components of this question and some example responses to help you.

Why does JB Hi-Fi ask its applicants “why do you wish to work for JB Hi-Fi?”?

The purpose of questionnaires within job applications is to help better provide an initial screening of applicants where the employer can filter for those who look to be the better fit for the role being advertised. With this question, the purpose is to get a better understanding of your motivations for being employed by JB Hi-Fi specifically – ie what draws you to their job compared to any other job opportunity. JB Hi-Fi is looking to shortlist candidates which have an interest in the types of products they stock and related cultural connections. (JB Hi-Fi has a very ‘hip’ brand styling with hand drawn cartoon signs and reasonable range of games, movies and pop culture products)

What should my answer to “why do you wish to work for JB Hi-Fi?” include?

Your answer should cover off on the essential components of why you will be a consistent, passionate long term employee. Check that your answer include things such as:

  • How JB Hi-Fi is a workplace that you find interest/have connection to the the products they sell
  • That you believe that you would be a good fit for the workplace
  • That their location and operating hours fit well within your availability

Remember that it’s important to be honest with your answers so don’t embellish on the truth as employers will be quick to find out that you’re not telling the full truth and reduce your likelihood of being employed by JB Hi-Fi.

Examples answers

Here are some examples of responses to the question “Why do you wish to work for JB Hi-Fi?”. Don’t copy these exact answers but let them help you frame your own unique answer.

“I would like to work for JB Hi Fi as it is a well-known good workplace which treats its staff well, has a fun active workplace and gives a lot of opportunities to interact with the public. As someone with a strong interest in the music scene and gaming I would enjoy being able to work at JB Hi Fi as my hobbies overlap with many of the main product lines of JB Hi Fi.”

“I wish to work for JB Hifi because I’ve been a long term customer who has consistently had great experiences with JB Hifi and can see how it would be a fast pace, engaging workplace where I can continue to develop my customer service skills. As someone with previous experience in selling mobile phones I believe my skills would be directly transferable into your workplace selling the same products. Likewise the position that I am applying for is a short distance from my home which is both convenient for myself and make it easy for me to commit to any and all shifts I’m allocated.”

Do you currently work at JB Hi-Fi and have previously answered this question successfully? Let us know how you responded and we’ll include it in our list.

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