Expert Tips for Hiring Disability Support Workers

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we need a helping hand to help us function. This might be a time to think about the fact that you might need a support worker for yourself, your child, or your family member in case they have a disability. Don’t worry, it is not as tough a decision as you imagine. There are some basic and important steps you need to take before you sign that wonderful helper.  

Understand Your Needs and Expectations

 How will you both communicate? Is your worker expected to keep in touch? What if they have no credit on their phone? Your home’s Wi-Fi, can they use it? What is expected around the home? Washing up. Washing clothes. Cooking. Cleaning. These are all factors that you need to keep in mind and inform the carer about so that everything is clear about what they’re expected to do. There are other needs that you need to keep in mind, including:

  • Medicines – Do you trust your help to administer medicines. What kind of record is needed?
  • There must be boundaries. How much privacy do you need or expect? Set limits.
  • Do you expect a brief after each shift. What happened, were there problems, etc?
  • There must be a list of contact numbers if there is an emergency. You, a doctor, someone you trust?
  • Will you be providing a uniform? What dress sense while at work? Does it matter?
  • Last-minute cancellations? What should they do? How often will you allow it?
  • We all have different religious and cultural beliefs. What is and isn’t allowed? Meat in the house?

Make Sure They Have Proper Training

 To really feel at ease about the carer that you’re about to hire, it’s important that you look into their credentials. Will training be included in their terms and conditions? Or do they need to be already qualified? Getting certificate 3 in individual support for disability support workers is a huge plus. What if you expected more than is offered? You should have a trial period, in case you need to employ someone else. Looking into their history and if they have prior experience is extremely important as well. 

Clarify Your Terms of Privacy and Security

Your ideas and the staff may vary. What you expect and what is offered can be at poles apart. What can you do? The first thing to do is talk. Have somebody with you. A backup or witness on what is agreed. Check the written agreement together.

 A common misdemeanor is your private affairs are shared or spoken about by the staff. Point out how you feel about this, usually, that is the end. But dangerous or abusive behavior must stop instantly. Record every incident. The police may think it’s worth further investigation. 

 Employing someone to care for a family member who you love dearly can be daunting. Take your time please don’t rush into the first opportunity. Carefully read the advice written here, and act upon it. And finally, good luck, you now have a staff member to ease your worry and hours of work.

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