Awesome Tips And Tricks To Help You Plan Your Next Party

Planning a party? Don’t fear we will help you plan an awesome event. Keep reading for the top tips and tricks to make any party successful. Birthday party, celebration or any event we have the best advice just for you.

Guest List

The guest list is a good start. Here is the best tip for planning an awesome event. Make a guest list of everyone you absolutely need to have at the party. Now look at the list and cut it by half. Yes, you heard me right. Cut your list of guests by half. 

By cutting your guest list by fifty percent you can focus on quality and not quantity. Your budget will go much further and now you have twice the budget per head. This will allow you to make it a spectacular party. The number one mistake that people organizing parties make is to invite too many people. Keep it intimate and make sure it is a party to remember. 


Get your suppliers booked as soon as possible. Make sure to explain the theme and ideas you have for the party in detail to each supplier. You will need to find at least some suppliers to help your party to meet your expectations.

First, find a party planner. An events planner is not essential, but a party planner will save you a lot of headaches by taking care of the details for you. This gives you someone that will work to get everyone sorted and ordered even when you are busy with other things. It is an expense, but the stress a planner will save you is often worth the expense.

Book your venue. Get a venue that fits your theme as well as the size of the party you are organizing. Remember to ask the venue what services they provide as it is often convenient to get the venue to provide some services. They also know what works well on their premises.

Next on the list is a party hire company.  Entertainment gurus at will not only rent out what you need but deliver and install as well. Not having to organize collection and installation is a great convenience.

A catering supplier is next on our list. Food is key to a successful party. Make sure to either try samples of their food before the day or ask friends you trust for a referral. Don’t just trust anyone with this really important part of the party.

Book a DJ or live music for the event. Music can make or break a party. People will generally remember the food and music in the days after the event. Get these two items sorted and everyone will be enjoying themselves. 

Book and confirm with your photographer. Make sure to get a photographer who specializes in events. Not all photographers have the experience and gear to do a good job of event photography. Be sure to look at their portfolio of previous events they photographed. Discuss the theme and what look you prefer for the images.

Pick a Good Theme

Don’t get too fancy with the theme. Keep it simple and make sure it is something that your guests will enjoy. Ask the venue and party planner for ideas. They organize many events and parties and will have a better idea of what themes are the best. They will also know where to find decor and entertainment to fit your theme. Again go for quality over quantity. 

Take Care of Transport

If there is going to be alcohol served or if there is a bar at the venue then taking care of transport is a good idea. It can be as simple as suggesting guests use a ride-hailing service or organizing transport for the guests of honor yourself. 

If everyone lives in close proximity to the venue then hiring a couple of vans with drivers might be a good idea. You can include a small snack or gift for each guest to be given to them when they are picked up.

Don’t Leave Anything Too Late

Follow all the tips above and make sure that everything is taken care of. You will want to spend the party with your guests and not be worried about any of the details. This is why you need to trust your suppliers and not take on too much yourself. Outsourcing is key. With a smaller guest list as we suggested earlier, it should be easy for you to spend some quality time with every guest and make sure they are enjoying the party.

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