A Few Things That You Can Do To Make Your Commercial Move Less Stressful

As if running a business wasn’t stressful enough – having to move it makes it several times more stressful. Moving may be caused by a variety of factors, getting in a quarrel with the landlord, rising rent prices, or simply expanding business. Whatever the case, during a move production is bound to halt or be significantly slowed down, all efforts are aimed towards finishing that as soon as possible and nothing else gets done. 

There is no easy way around this – stuff simply needs to be moved to another location and installed there, which means disassembling, packaging, transporting, etc. Luckily for you, you are not the first person who has had to do it, and through the years people have thought about and tried different things to help them get over this situation as smoothly as possible.

Minimizing Downtime

What pains business owners the most is that during a move their company is probably going to be losing money because of a lack of working hours. Even if employees are not sent to help with the move, they will most likely be given a few days (or weeks?) off because their tools or positions will be in transit. 

The best thing one can do in this case is to prepare beforehand. Making an excess of certain products so that they can be stored and sold during this period, or finishing a project before a scheduled deadline, gives you some leave in this position. Downtime of a website, or whatever means of communication you have, is particularly problematic. Try and keep that as short as possible, because customers and clients who cannot get to you will quickly turn elsewhere to spend their money.   

Getting Extra Help

Another pair of hands is always handy in these situations. If you have a serious company and try to obey the law – getting employees and coworkers to help you move is probably a no-no as it doesn’t fit within their job description. Hiring a packing service to jump in that place, on the other hand, is much more professional. Sure, you can have friends and colleagues over that will gladly help, but that doesn’t mean that the move will be done any faster or safer.

If you have any kind of production line – it is a good idea to get in touch with the people who made the machines to at least guide you when it comes to taking them apart and putting them together again. A technician is always handy in these situations, as someone who knows their way with tools can put together furniture and machines much more quickly than someone who is following a user manual.

Plan For Tomorrow

Today you are moving, and tomorrow…? Having a concrete plan on what your business will look like in the following period, of at least a few years, can mean a difference between having to move once in a decade, or once in a year. 

If you have a successful business model then you can expect to expand output regularly. For some industries, like IT, there is no need for a lot of physical expansion – adding more cubicles for new employees, investing in more data storage, etc, but for others, like food processing, it usually requires far more space as the product is physical and bulky.

Will the space you’re moving in to be big enough for the next five years? This consideration alone can spare you a lot of unpleasant situations down the road. 

Learn From Others

If you feel like you can’t figure out the organization of a commercial move yourself – look up to others who were in a similar position. People move all the time, it’s something that simply needs to happen because of a lack of space. And businesses have to do it for the same reason.

If you can – ask others in your industry what their experience was and how they overcome their problems. How long did it take them to move? Who did they hire? What was their policy towards customers in that period? Even though it may not be directly applicable to you it still gives some insight into how it’s done in real life. 

A lot of this boils down to proper organization – thinking ahead and trying to predict all the problems you might face. Some of it can be solved by simply throwing money at it – but that should be the solution only if you have no other option available. Other than that, elbow grease, a few helping hands, and working around the clock will get you into your new place and operational in no time.

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A Few Things That You Can Do To Make Your Commercial Move Less Stressful

As if running a business wasn’t stressful enough - having to move it makes it several times more stressful. Moving may be caused by...

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